Candidates Announcing Early Want Publicity
With all the recent political announcements you'd think candidates are hurrying to meet a filing deadline but it's actually more than a month away. Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross, a former 14th District State Rep. says candidates announcing are simply trying to gain as much support as possible...
Road Work and Council Finalists Decided
Yakima voters gave thumbs up to the only proposition on the ballot on Tuesday. Proposition 1 changes the city charter and will now earmark a minimum of $2,000,000 a year to go to road work. The money will come out of the general fund. City Spokesman Randy Beehler says the proposition doesn’t call for any new taxes...
Ballots Due Tuesday
Tomorrow is primary election day in Washington state. That means if you have a ballot that you haven't turned in it's due in the Yakima County Auditors office tomorrow.