A new law in the state of Washington will allow people to register and vote on election day. Yakima County Auditor Charles Ross says he and other auditors are doing all they can to prevent double voting. He says they want to prevent people from voting in one county and then going to another county to request another ballot on election day. "Local auditors have the authority to treat those ballots that come appear on the day before and the day of election as special ballots. Those will go to the back of the line for processing."
Ross says by pushing them to the back of the line for processing it will allow all other ballots in Yakima and other areas to be counted to make sure no one voted two ballots. But he says because they'll be the last to process election results won't likely be available on election night.
The new law to register and vote on election day takes effect on Primary Election day of this year in Washington State.

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