Seattle Steps Outside The Law For Gun Control
From an Eastern Washington perspective, the Seattle City Council is, um... "interesting". OK, that's not accurate, they're mostly nut really. Liberal, progressive, socialistic, pick your adjective and then hold on to your wallet with one hand and your constitution with the ot…
Washington state has to have some of the stiffest traffic laws in the United States. Now the Washington State Patrol, and many motorists, are fed up with a certain pet peeve of driving that could get you a $136 ticket.
It's legal
We're trying to make smarter drivers out of everyone across the nation, especially right here in our backyard of Washington state. I know it's illegal to talk on your phone while driving (with your phone pressed up against your ear) and it's illegal to text and drive, but I see more and more people …
Crime scene
P.S. It's illegal to warm up your car unattended -- that's true in Yakima and all of Washington state.