Summer Vacation is on for school kids. The pictures here are from the final performance at this year's week long IKE "Drama Camp". The Monkey is my adorable 9 year old monkey Katie, (there weren't any parts for Gators)  Kids love it, the show is charming (if a little long) and its a fun active way to keep kids busy for the first week of summer.

What's next?  Vacation Bible School, sports camps, YMCA camps and more. But for parents, the thrill is gone in less than two weeks.

A study of 2,000 parents reveals 58 percent say they feel pressure to plan out what their kids will do for the whole summer, and on average, they want summer vacation to end after just 13 days.

Also, 75 percent of parents say they feel ready for their kids to go back to school at the end of the summer.  Maybe its a way for parents to crawl out from under the burden of guilt --  64 percent say they've felt they've let their kid down because they wanted them to do, see, or have the same things one of their friends had or experienced. Call it trying to keep up with the kids of the Joneses!

The top thing parents say causes them PSG (Parental Summer Guilt) is when they don't send their kids out of the house enough to do stuff. While this sound in you would have to "be High" to do it...but Fox News is reporting, on average, parents say they spend $7,333.80 on making sure their kids are having the time of their lives over summer break. in break the bank!  (FOX)

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