There are 10 beautiful parks in Yakima to visit but there's only two in my book that I love to visit the most.

In the heart (and outskirts) of Yakima, you'll find gorgeous parks with plenty of room to relax and take a breather from the world. I often jump in my car and eat my lunch at the park when the weather is nice.

Our parks also let us express our inner athlete, with everything from soccer fields, basketball courts, and pickleball courts, to playgrounds and even a splash park or two.

You can rent out gazebos and shelters in our parks for a decent and affordable price. In the summer, you'll find tons of people having their birthday parties at the park.

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Another popular thing for Yakima locals is to pack up a small picnic and head out for one of the local seasonal events with live music, like the music in the park summer concerts at Franklin Park on Friday nights.

One of my favorite park memories is when my then-3-year-old daughter Willow insisted on pushing her baby dolls all the way home from Lions Park.

I told her it was a long way, but she didn't believe me. After a few grunts and struggles, she realized she couldn't reach the handlebars and then demanded that I push her baby dolls home. 3-year-olds are so bossy sure do have lots of leadership skills!😂

That happened 10 years ago, and the memory of her huffing and puffing trying to push that big stroller full of baby dolls still cracks me up to this day.

Franklin Park is the runner up for my pick as the prettiest Yakima park. It would actually rank as my #1 choice, but it is missing one particular thing!

Franklin Park in Yakima WA
Google Street View

Franklin Park (2101 Tieton Dr) has everything that my #1 choice doesn't. It has pickleball courts, access to the Franklin Pool, a covered shed for bands and other groups to host events, and a more centralized location for more people to visit.

The reason why I choose Randall Park as the prettiest park in Yakima, however, is because there is a secret spot where you can feel at one with nature surrounded by a tiny creek.

Entrance to Randall Park in Yakima
google street view

I went to a wedding there once, and the bride and groom got married right by the water. I was blown away by the ravenous beauty of this hidden little nook in the middle of the "big city.*" It is hidden behind the gazebo.

Randall Park Street View of Gazebo
google street view

*Yakima is not considered a "big city" by any stretch of my imagination, but it is the 11th largest city in the state of Washington.

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