Summer! The boats, the bar-b-ques, the outdoor fun…the thousands and thousands of preventable accidental deaths!

Photothek via Getty Images

We’re not here to rain on your parade but to pass along the facts and the cautious note those facts demand as reported by Men’s Health.

A new report from the National Safety Council says there were a total of over 117,000 preventable deaths in July and August from 2011 to 2015.

Wow! That is a lot of good times gone bad by way of  car crashes, falls, drowning, poisoning, choking, and fires—every day kind of accidents made worse by too much alcohol and much summer distraction and inattention.

For National Safety Month, the NSC released some facts and tips for us all to keep in mind as we head into summer Including: designate a sober driver, make sure everyone in your group knows how to swim before heading to the pool or beach, and make sure that someone in the group has been trained in First Aid and CPR.

Safety experts also encourage us all to  develop an escape plan and practice a family drill in case of a house fire or other household disaster. (Men’s Health)

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