Yakima city leaders will be talking about a problem in Yakima during a special meeting on Tuesday. The problem? Gangs. Yakima City Council members have worked with police for years searching for a solution to stop the gang crime and growth of local gangs. It's been a big challenge and despite the ongoing problems say city officials and they're not giving up. Many study sessions have been held over many years by the city council to study ways to curb the violence and steer kids away from gangs. Many programs have been tried in Yakima only to have the problem persist.
City officials will try again on Tuesday during another study session. The study session will happen on zoom as Yakima City Hall remains closed because of the pandemic. A press release from the city says "Yakima Police Chief  Matt Murray, Captain Jay Seely, and officials from the Yakima Police Gang Unit will present information to Yakima City Council regarding an update on the gangs in Yakima. The group along with council members will discuss recent gang activity,  violent crime and the impact in the community. "

Police are trying to put an end to gang related assaults and shootings like the shooting reported in February of this year. The teens first shot another teen in front of a local elementary school. Police chased the suspect vehicle which eventually crashed into a school bus near Davis High School. Two suspects were charged in the shooting and crash.

The meeting on zoom is set for 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. You can watch it live or get involved at yakimawa.gov.

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