Sleepless in Seattle was released in 1993, the year after I graduated high school. The film follows a widowed dad with an annoying little son (look, I know he means well, but he annoyed me back in '93, okay).


This movie is ultimately a prelude to Tinder before Tinder was cool, but with kids running amok behind the scenes. When was the last time you watched Sleepless in Seattle? It’s been quite a few years for me, probably a decade or more.


Basically, the son shames his dad into going out with some rando stalker, who had hunted him down relentlessly because she needed a good newspaper story to write. (Wait a minute, as someone who admits to kinda stalking somebody to get a story before, I'm starting to take her side. Who knew!)


I am going to watch Sleepless in Seattle this weekend. I need a feel-good and sappy, yet sweet kind of movie to watch. I want to get lost in the fairytales; I am envious because none of my long-distance situationships have ever worked out. HA!



At least this long-distance relationship between Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s characters had a really happy ending (oops, spoiler alert).

SIDE NOTE: If I had known in 1993 that a decade later I would be living anywhere near Seattle, I would have told myself, “Yeah, right, Toots. You are full of you-know-what!”


The first time I saw the houseboats where Sleepless in Seattle was filmed, I was shrieking like a fan girl. You can see the home on Lake Washington, and I’ve heard rumors that you can even rent the houseboat on Airbnb if you’re lucky.

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The Sleepless in Seattle cast included heavy hitters like Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita, Meg Ryan, as well as Gaby Hoffman (no relation to Dustin?), Bill Pullman, Victor Garber, Rob Reiner, David Hyde Pierce, Dana Ivey, Frances Conroy, Matt Smith, Parker Posey, Caroline Aaron, and many other amazing actors.


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