The Seattle Seahawks' "Beast Mode" running back -- Marshawn Lynch -- has one year left on his contract, and there is talk that the team is working on a big extension deal. Seattle wants him back but are their factors that could see Lynch on his way out of Seattle?

At age 28, Lynch had one of his best seasons in the league in 2014. He led the NFL with 17 touchdowns, with 13 rushing to lead the league. He also tallied 1,306 rushing yards with a 4.7 yard per carry average.

It’s getting harder and harder to argue that Lynch, a five-time Pro Bowler and All-Pro in 2012, is not a Hall of Fame-caliber running back.

But Lynch also showed some disaffection for the game off the field. He held out of training camp trying to get more money out of a contract he signed in 2012.  He was also fined by the NFL for not talking to the press and two crotch-grab touchdown celebrations.

It seems like Lynch still loves playing the game of football, but not the games he has to play in order to play the game.

There's also the question of his age. Lynch will be 29 in April, approaching the unwritten ceiling of 30 years that dooms the careers of most NFL running backs. There have been exceptions like Curtis Martin and Barry Sanders who had some of their best seasons late in their career. Lynch could be in that mold.

Will Marshawn Lynch retire, or maybe take his act elsewhere, like his hometown Oakland Raiders? What do you think?