SEATTLE (AP) — A man who told police he shot and wounded another man during a demonstration over the appearance of a far-right commentator at the University of Washington sent a social-media message to Milo Yiannopoulos an hour before the shooting.

The Seattle Times reports the 29-year-old man posted a message to Yiannopoulos' Facebook page Friday evening, saying he was outside the event, had just been punched and someone had stolen his "Make America Great Again" cap. The man asked Yiannopoulos, known for leading a harassment campaign that resulted in a lifetime ban from Twitter, for a signed replacement cap.

Yiannopoulos did not respond, and the man was caught up in a confrontation between those trying to see Yiannopoulos and protesters trying to keep them out. Another man was shot. The 34-year-old was in satisfactory condition at a Seattle hospital Tuesday.

Two people were taken into custody after the shooting but were released Saturday pending further investigation.

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