Are you a restaurant, food truck or pop-up owner who is looking to get the word out on the delicious types of culinary delicacies you create? Register now for the Central Washington State Fair's Farm to Fork experience!

 How Can I Get My Business Out There More?

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The Central Washington State Fair Baby!

Now is your chance to show off all your skills, spread the word and so much more! The Central Washington State Fair is inviting the community to be a part of Farm to Fork, secure your spot on the Culinary and Demonstration Stage before all the slots fill-up! The Central Washington State Fair for 2022 will begin Friday, September 23rd and wrap-up Sunday, October 2nd 2022!

Who Can Be Involved?

  • Chefs
  • Culinary Enthusiasts
  • Home Chefs
  • Gardeners
  • Anyone interested in sharing their passion for food and agriculture

How Exactly Does It Work?

You will receive a demonstration time of up to one hour to show off your skills with ingredients and products that you will bring with you. This is a perfect time to spread the word about your business, interact with the community and create lasting memories and hopefully more customers!

What Will the Central Washington State Fair Provide?

  • Prep Kitchen, cutlery, basic spices, presentation and prep dishes
  • Assistance the day of the presentation with admission, parking and kitchen location
  • Each presenter receives 10 FREE admission tickets
  • Promoted in the Central Washington State Fair promotional material

Honestly, the demonstrations are some of the most memorable and fun parts of the fair for me. I have core memories of watching presenters chopping, slicing, dicing and engaging the crowd. Whether it's removing stains from carpets or serving up a delicious treat, this is your chance to knock everyone socks off and take your business and your presentation game to the next level!

Who Do I Contact?

For all the info and to register yourself please reach out to Erin Walsh you can also call 509-949-4844

Central Washington State Fair

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