It's a real blessing to have a platform such as a popular morning radio program (KIT) to help get the word out on important causes.  From Children's Miracle Network, to helping find missing persons, to rounding up donations for families in need and so much more, the power of radio allows us to tap you on the shoulder, whisper in your ear to make you aware of a need, tell you how you can help, congratulate you in advance for the help we hope will come and then we just let you be you and good things ALWAYS happen!  It's Yakima Magic.

We have another such cause to tell you about and this one is personal to s and the show.  A long time listener and friend by the name of Byron Kent could use our help.

Those of you who are regular listeners to The Morning News on KIT Radio will recognize Byron's voice, wisdom and awesome sense of humor.  He is a historian, a patriot, a keen observer of politics, a member of the Yakama Nation and a proud Marine Corps veteran.  He served in Vietnam and has dedicated much of his life to helping his fellow disabled veterans.  If a Veteran needs help maneuvering through the government  bureaucracy, he is there. If a Vet needs help with every day living, he is there. If a military funeral needs honors and ceremony, he is there.

Byron still carries the emotional wounds from his service and suffers from PTSD.  One thing that helps him feel connected to the world is the company of and sense of responsibility for his gentle pit bull service dog Mucca.  We've had the pleasure of enjoying Mucca's company during some of our Friday afternoon KIT outdoor gatherings and the dog is mellow and happy and a tail wagging friend to everyone.  But Mucca was involved in an accident on Saturday

Here's Mucca's story in Byron's own words.

 "Yesterday morning,(11/14/20) a Fed Ex driver delivered a package, and when he left, he ran over my pit bull, Mucca.  Mucca is my PTSD service dog. I am a disabled, retired, 69 year old USMC veteran who has been diagnosed with depression and PTSD, among other disabilities. I can no longer hold any type of employment.

Mucca is a very loving dog, very friendly, social, and loving. She is non aggressive, to humans, other dogs, and cats. My cats cuddle with her nightly.
I volunteer as a service officer for the DAV. Mucca comes with me to the office, and greets all of my clients, and interacts with them. She often sits beside them on her own chair. Everyone loves Mucca, and I keep a 5lb box of treats for my clients to share with her.
Mucca is currently at the Yakima Emergency Pet hospital, and they recommend that she go to WSU Pullman Pet Hospital for MRI's. I spent most of my savings ($2400) for treatment. The vet here says I will need another 7 to 9 thousand dollars to get her evaluated and treated.
Does anyone on this sight know where I might get some financial help to treat Mucca? I'm beside myself in sorrow and grief. .Any suggestions would be helpful..
Thank You,
Byron B. Kent
UPDATE *  Mucca has been moved to the WSU vet center and after a thorough examination it looks like Mucca will likely recover but is going to require serious dental work and perhaps jaw surgery and a lot time in healing.
Byron's son Brad started a Go Fund Me account and we encourage you to check it out and make a donation is you can. "As you can see Mucca means so much to him and I. She is our support when we need it the most. Now we are trying to show her the same love and support she has given us over the years. Thank you to all who can and have helped."
Covid has taken so much from all of us this year, let's not let 2020 claim Byron's important support system too.  What do you say?

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 November 15, 2020 by Brad Kent, Organizer

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