It was the 57th time the big game was played since the merger between the NFL and the AFL.

Super Bowl LVII proved to be very competitive until the very end, and the Kansas City Chiefs mounted a second-half attack to defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 38 - 35.

Super Bowl LVII Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Philadelphia Eagles

The match-up between the AFC Champion Chiefs and the NFC Champion Eagles was expected to be close. The Eagles had a slight 1 1/2 point edge going into the game according to odds-makers. If fans were looking for a tight game that would be decided at the very end, they got it.

After trailing at halftime, the Chiefs outscored and outplayed the Eagles in the second half of Super Bowl LVII and kicked a game-winning field goal with just seconds left.

Seattle Seahawks Fans Were More Supportive of The Eagles

According to the non-scientific survey prior to the game, Seattle Seahawks fans supported their NFC contemporaries - the Philadelphia Eagles by a 3 to 1 margin over their once AFC West rivals - the Kansas City Chiefs.

Perhaps it's just conference loyalty. Or it could be that an old rivalry dies hard. Either way, all Seahawks fans would agree that it would be much better to have been cheering for the Hawks. Let the countdown to the 2023 season begin, with eyes on the prize of a trip to Super Bowl LVIII in Paradise, Nevada.

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