In the NFL, every game is important. It isn't a 160-game season, it's 17 opportunities for a Win in a very competitive league. The Seattle Seahawks have a string of crucial games beginning this week on Thursday Night Football

🏈The Seattle Seahawks laid an egg on Turkey Day last week, and the week 13 matchup with the 8-2 Dallas Cowboys in Dallas, TX is not going to be easy. Frankly, it will be a real test as to whether this team is truly playoff caliber.

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks
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Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll

In a story posted on, Coach Carroll shared his thoughts on where his team is headed...

"We're at a crucial point," he said. "It's crucial that we make sure we're together. This is a really challenging stretch coming. They're always hard, but we've got to get our minds right and make sure we're focusing on doing the right thing and executing and playing ball really hard with great effort and intensity and all the kind of stuff that we'd like to build this team around."

Seahawks Retro Uniforms on Thursday Night in Dallas

Cleveland Browns v Seattle Seahawks
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The Seahawks will be sporting their 'retro' uniforms on Thursday Night Football this week in Dallas. Since the Cowboy's home jerseys are white, The Hawks can wear their home 'retro' colors. Will this be a good mojo? It seemed to work a few weeks ago when the 12s were treated to a victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Do you like the retro uniforms? Many people do, and just as many have voiced their displeasure with the 'action green' uniforms. As long as they find ways to win, it won't matter what combo they trot out. Go Hawks! Every game is important from here on.

Remaining Seattle Seahawks Schedule as of Week 13:

  • at  Dallas Cowboys – November 30th (Thursday Night Football)
  • at  San Francisco 49ers – December 10th
  • vs Philadelphia Eagles – December 17th
  • at Tennessee Titans – December 24th (Christmas Eve)
  • vs Pittsburg Steelers – December 31st (New Year’s Eve)
  • at Arizona Cardinals – January (Date & Time TBD)




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