Seattle author Shannon Huffman Polson is one of three regional speakers visiting Heritage University as part of Student Spirituality Week November 18-22.

Polson recently published “North of Hope,” a story of how the author used music, nature and faith to overcome the grief of losing her parents in a rare grizzly attack. Polson explores the Alaskan wilderness and even sings Mozart’s Requiem in a Seattle concert hall as part of her travels.

Polson will spend time with Heritage University students during Spirituality Week and will also promote “North of Hope” during a book reading at Oak Hollow Gallery in Yakima on Nov. 21 at 7 p.m.

In addition to “North of Hope,” Polson’s essays and articles have appeared in Huffington Post, High Country News, Seattle and Alaska Magazines and other publications.

Oak Hollow Gallery is located at 5631 Summitview Avenue in Yakima. For more information contact Sarah Augustine, Heritage University Student Spirituality and Learning Director at 865-8673.