While the investigation continues into a string of arson fires in the city of Yakima, fire investigators say they're not yet ready to say Saturday's suspicious fire at the Lewisville Tavern should be added to the list of arson fires. Yakima Fire Department Capt. Jeff Pfaff says while the fire was suspicious and lit on the outside of the building there's still things that need to be investigated before determining whether it's another arson fire. "Investigators are looking at the time of day and when the place closed. If there was a fight there that night and somebody threatened someone. So there's a lot to investigate."
Authorities say 26 arson fires have happaned since the first of July but they're not yet ready to make this number 27. The fire at the tavern Saturday morning caused an estimated $300,000 in damage.
If you have any information about Saturday's fire or any of the other fires contact Yakima County Crime Stoppers at 248-9980 or the Arson Alarm Foundation 1-800-55-arson.

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