**California’s Salton Sea, formed in 1905 after the Colorado River overflowed its banks, has been fed since primarily by water runoff from ag operations.

Now, new research in the American Journal of Ag Economics finds as farmers have reduced water consumption to help increase water deliveries to San Diego County, flows to the lake have decreased and dust pollution increased, impacting neighborhoods near the Salton Sea.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl - Eastern Michigan v San Jose State
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**A new genetically engineered potato developed by Michigan State University has been granted an exemption from biotech regulations on genetically modified products.

The Kal91.3 potato, bred from an MSU variety named Kalkaska, can be stored in cool temperatures for long periods without sucrose, the compound typically used for reducing sugars like fructose and glucose.

The new potato can also reduce the environmental impact of the growing process.

Distracted driver. Female hand changing radio station in her car

**AM radio is a lifeline for many, particularly in rural areas with limited access to reliable internet or cell phone coverage.

After several automakers announced last year, they’d removed or planned to remove AM radio from electric vehicles, the AM Radio for Every Vehicle Act was introduced to ensure this essential service is accessible.

The American Farm Bureau and National Association of Farm Broadcasting are asking you to let lawmakers know how important AM radio is and ask them to support the act.

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