The public is invited to an open space forum later this month to talk about crime and safety issues.

The forum is sponsored by the group Safe Yakima Valley. Director Carmon Mendez says people are invited to bring ideas to the forum and invite others to talk about it.

We’ve invited stakeholders in the community that can help individuals to solve issues or work to solve these issues.

The forum is set for Wednesday, May 28, at the Yakima Convention Center from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 pm. and lunch will be provided free of charge.

Mendez says by investing a few hours of time anyone can be a part of the vital discussion and planning on what it will take to make residents feel safer. She says many residents need to move beyond the “finger pointing” and discover what neighbors are doing.

An open space forum has no set agendas and no guest speakers. The topics are put forth by the attendees, and each issue brought up is scheduled for further discussion.

You may register by calling Safe Yakima Valley at (509) 248-2021, Ext. 112.