As the temperatures lower and it gets darker earlier in the day, burglars get busy in Yakima, says Capt. Jeff Schneider.

So far this year 681 burglaries have been reported at homes within city limits, according to Schneider. There were 1,610 reported in 2012 and 1,146 in 2013. Schneider says most  break-ins happen during the daytime hours when people are at work. That's why he says the best prevention method is alert neighbors who are home when you are not.

We rely on citizens to call us when they see suspicious activity and we make a huge number of our burglary arrests based on citizen tips.

Schneider says the typical burglar knocks on a door to see if anyone is home, then walks to the back and kicks in a back door. Make sure your doors have good deadbolt locks, he advises. Barking dogs, cameras and a security system are also great prevention tools. He says burglars do not want to spend a lot of time trying to get into a home.

You can also contact the Yakima Police Department Community Service Division and have an officer visit your home and give you some security tips at 575-6200.