4th District Republican Congressman Dan Newhouse has issued a statement on Twitter calling the Supreme Court’s ruling which overturns Roe v. Wade a victory for the most vulnerable.

Newhouse issued his decision on Twitter early Friday

“The Declaration of Independence states that every individual has the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Whether or not we maintain the sanctity of life as one of our highest priorities is an indication of our national commitment to our founding documents. Today’s decision is a victory for our most vulnerable and a firm statement upholding the God-given rights for all Americans. I am proudly pro-life and will continue to work to protect the lives of innocent children.”

Senator Patty Murray was quick to blame republicans for the decision

U.S. Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington was quick to blame republicans for the Supreme Court’s ruling. A press release from her office says ever since the leaked decision revealed the Supreme Court was planning to overturn Roe, Senator Murray has been a leader in the Senate pushing back: immediately calling the decision a “five alarm fire."
“Today, Republicans dragged this country backwards by half a century. Republicans ripped away our rights and made this generation the first generation of American women with fewer rights than their mothers. Republicans are forcing women to stay pregnant and give birth when they don’t want to—no matter the circumstances. Republicans are even passing laws to jail women who get abortions and the doctors who provide them. And right here in the Senate, it was Republicans who stacked our Supreme Court with anti-abortion justices, who blocked Democrats’ efforts to protect abortion rights, and who right now are pushing for a federal abortion ban."

Murray says the decision will play a role in the midterm elections

Murray goes on to say this is only the beginning for republicans who are determined to outlaw abortion.
"Republicans are pushing for a federal abortion ban and Roe v. Wade is no longer settled law. But we aren’t going to stand idly by while they rip away abortion rights, or go after birth control next. We are going to stand up and fight back with our voices and our votes-to protect the right of every woman to make her own health care decisions. The American people will not forget Republicans’ cruelty-not today, not tomorrow, and not this November.”

Murray has already taking action against the decision

The press release says Murray recently introduced legislation "condemning the criminalization of the full range of reproductive and sexual health care. Senator Murray also introduced legislation to expand access to affordable, over-the-counter birth control-and has led efforts in Congress to ensure patients can get the birth control they need without being forced to jump through unnecessary hoops or pay out-of-pocket."

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