Yakima voters gave thumbs up to the only proposition on the ballot on Tuesday.

Proposition 1 changes the city charter and will now earmark a minimum of $2,000,000 a year to go to road work. The money will come out of the general fund.

City Spokesman Randy Beehler says the proposition doesn’t call for any new taxes.

“No new taxes or revenue streams. It simply uses money from the general fund for the road work.”

City officials say last year's citizen survey results highlighted a need to make significant investments to improve city roads.

Meanwhile, Yakima City Council Incumbents Bill Lover and Dave Ettl were able to grab a majority of votes in Tuesday's Primary Election outpacing opponents.

Bill Lover who's retired from Boeing will face community organizer Carole Folsom-Hill in the general election. Lover received 51 percent of the vote compared to Folsum-Hill who received 35 percent.

In the other race, Incumbent Dave Ettl, a local radio personality, will face product developer Charles Noel in November. Ettl outpaced Noel 58 percent to 21 percent.