**Retail prices for generic, white eggs are reaching the lowest levels we’ve seen in a long time because of overproduction.

The volatile egg market stems from the Bird Flu outbreak in 2015 that killed nearly 50 million hens and turkeys in the Midwest. Egg analyst Brian Moscogiuri says egg prices went through the roof and, in response, many food manufacturers cut back or eliminated eggs from their products.

The ultra-low prices however “have sparked interest” from consumers, boosting sales and prompting some recovery of wholesale egg prices.

**Another tax on sugary beverages went into effect last week in Boulder, Colorado, and opponents are worried it will have results similar to Philadelphia.

There, a 1.5-cent per-ounce tax was signed into law a year ago where opponents are pointing to job losses and lost revenue because consumers are just buying their beverages elsewhere.

Last month, the Seattle City Council passed a similar tax of 1.75?cents per ounce, or $1.26 per six pack, that goes into effect next year.

**It’s been more than two years since China slapped a ban on all U.S. poultry, but the ban could be coming to an end soon as USDA and an industry group work with the Chinese to overhaul the way the country reacts to bird flu outbreaks.

A delegation of Chinese officials is in the U.S. conducting an audit of how the U.S. deals with bird flu and representatives from both countries will meet in September to discuss the poultry trade.

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