In this day of digital music downloads, the neighborhood record store is disappearing across the country. Sure, you can buy cd's at discount retailers, but what about the independents that can still get you that hard to find disc or even vinyl? I'd like to salute my all time favorite here today.

Yakima used to have some great record stores. Tallcott Music, Odyssey, Czardas. The old Bon Marche downtown had a great record department, where you could listen to 45's before you bought them. Off The Record carries on the tradition today, but my favorite was Budget Tapes and Records at 6th and West Lincoln.

I must have spent thousands of dollars and hours  in that place. It was run by Budget Bob Goldstone and his wife (I believe her name was Jackie). Bob was totally in to all of the music he sold. I spent hours pouring over the cut out bins, looking for bargains and eclectic stuff. The store was decorated with great rock posters, and you could also buy T-shirts and so on.

I was really sad when that store closed.  It was, as they said in their TV ads "a great little store"!

By the way, I still have most of my vinyl collection, the majority of it purchased at Budget Tapes and Records in my garage. Still have my old 1980 Technics turntable, too.

Maybe it's time for what we call a Vinyl Party!

Where did you buy your music back in the day, and where do you get it now?