A recall effort is underway to remove Yakima County Clerk Janelle Riddle from office.

Yakima Valley Business Times Publisher Bruce Smith says he and a group of concerned residents are filing a recall petition today (May 25) with the Yakima County Auditor's Office.

"The office is a disaster," Smith tells KIT News. "And anybody who deals with that office knows it. You can talk to any attorney that works there. You can talk to any title company that works there. It is in such disarray the public has no idea."
Smith, who says the file contains some 1,100 pages of evidence plans to go before a judge and argue the case. Riddle will also be able to argue her side. A judge will then decide if the recall effort is valid.

If a judge rules in favor of the recall effort Riddle could then appeal the ruling to the state Supreme Court. if a court eventually gives the OK, then Smith and others will have to collect 11,000 signatures of voters in Yakima County to place the issue on the ballot.

Riddle was unavailable for comment Wednesday.

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