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NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Ramsey Solutions’ EveryDollar has surpassed 1 million users just 10 months after its official launch.

The free online budget tool and iPhone app was created by personal finance expert Dave Ramsey to help people take control of their money so that they can pay off debt and save for the future. Through EveryDollar.com or on-the-go with the EveryDollar iPhone app, entering and tracking expenses has never been easier.

With EveryDollar users have the ability to:

  • Create customized monthly budgets.
  • Seamlessly track expenses, income and savings, either on EveryDollar.com or through the EveryDollar iPhone app.
  • Follow Ramsey’s proven steps to financial freedom, like saving for emergencies, eliminating debt and investing long-term for retirement and college funds.
  • Upgrade to the fee-based EveryDollar Plus with bank connectivity allowing users to check account balances and stream transactions directly from their bank to their budget. All free accounts receive a 15-day free trial of EveryDollar Plus features.

“EveryDollar isn’t just a software tool we launched to help people fix and run their budgets,” said Ramsey.  “EveryDollar is the core element to winning with money.  It’s free and is based on an easy game plan for success.  When you start doing a budget, you’ll feel like you got a raise.”

For more information about EveryDollar or to start your free budget, visit EveryDollar.com

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