KIT is bringing Chris Hogan to Yakima for "Total Money Makeover Live"!
This will be a three-hour session (workbook included) going over Dave Ramsey's 7 steps to financial independence.

Numerous local churches and organizations offer 8-week courses for hundreds of dollars to master Dave Ramsey's 7 steps. This three hours for the price of admission condenses those 8 weeks to give you a shot in the arm. If you're new to Dave Ramsey, it will be a fulfilling crash course to get you started on the road to being master of your money and being a blessing to others with. If you're already a Dave Ramsey fan, or an alumni of the 8-week courses, Chris Hogan's presentation will reinvigorate and recommit you to making changes in your life!

Straight from the mouth of Chris Hogan:

For those that don't know, Dave Ramsey believes debt is bad. He was a real estate investor and when things went south, he found himself behind a mountain of debt. He crawled out of it and began giving interviews and seminars advising others how to do the same. His tips are basic, but inspiring. For example, he says the first thing you should do is get a $1,000 emergency account. That way, if your car breaks down or you owe taxes your debt repayment plan isn't derailed.

Another tip, which is controversial, is paying down small debt first. Other experts advise you to pay down the largest interest-accruing debt first. But using all your extra income on bills is depressing and discouraging. By paying down small debt first, you feel the shackles of debt falling off you and your freedom is invigorating and motivating to tackle more.

A big theme of Dave Ramsey is to get your mortgage paid off and begin building wealth so you can support your church better, help friends better, donate to your favorite charities and make your money a blessing to others. Then money becomes fulfilling.

Learn more at our event!

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