Thanks Yakima Valley. Thanks for seeing the value and importance of supporting the Children's Miracle Network Radiothon.

To the sponsors who paid for the privilege of being part of the event. Thanks. I know you feel as though it was a worthy investment.

To the organizers and behind the scenes workers, Thanks for the hours of organizing, calling, typing, checking and double checking.  Your work made it easy for the rest of us.

To the patient families who shared their stories, their fears, their tears, their joys in the simple accomplishments we all take for granted.  Your willingness to let us into your lives helped to illustrate the ongoing need for financial support.

To the doctors and nurses and clinic and hospital staff who do the loving, life saving amazing work to help our valley's children achieve a happy, successful quality of life and recovery.

And to you, Yakima Valley residents who when asked, responded with nearly 47-thousand dollars!  Every dime staying here to help support Virginia Mason Memorial Pediatrics, Neo-Natal Intensives Care and the Children's Village.  I am humbled by your generosity. You make Yakima such a special place.

Thanks for letting me see the real US year after year.  We all make an amazing team and we are all the better as people for it! God Bless!

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