Scammers search for victims a lot in Yakima because they know they'll find them. Authorities frequently warn about a variety of popular scams that snare people every time. The scams come in the form of phone calls and emails.
The latest scam is a phishing email that looks like it's from the IRS.

The scam email message says you've filled out an IRS form incorrectly and that you need to download information from the email to help correct your situation. The scammers are hoping you'll click on a link so they can gain access to your information your computer.
Authorities say never click on or answer emails you're not familiar with. If you believe you have a problem with the IRS or another government agency, find a number or another way to contact the agency before answering or clicking on any email. The scams come in the form of phone calls as well, and authorities always warn to never give out your financial or other information over the phone.

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