George Orwell knew a thing or two about "big brother" and attempts at controlling people. (author of 1984)

Orwell said that language makes humans easy to control—control their language and you control the people.

So surprise, surprise, the wannabe controllers at  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are once again trying to control your behaviors toward the animal kingdom by controlling your language.

This latest campaign calls for people to stop using "anti-animal language."

Now if that sounds as ridiculous as some of their other off the wall efforts, I would concur. As part of the plan PETA tweeted out a list of phrases, like, "Kill two birds with one stone," along with suggested phrases to use instead like "Feed two birds with one scone." Really.

The intent is to "remove speciesism from your daily conversations."

  • Instead of "Be the guinea pig," use "Be the test tube."
  • Instead of "Beat a dead horse," use "Feed a fed horse."
  • Instead of "Bring home the bacon," use "Bring home the bagels."
  • Instead of "Take the bull by the horns," use "Take the flower by the thorns.​

This is what you call a target rich environment for ridicule and the internet has already jumped in on the idea with both hoofed, webbed and clawed feet!  We'll try to make a list of ours on the show on Thursday make a couple of your own and join us for a little fun.  We'll have prizes!!

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