**Holy Cow, PETA is at it again! A Missouri news station reports the animal rights group is marketing milk as “a symbol of white supremacy.”

PETA first made this “social justice” connection last year in a blog post called “Why cow’s milk is the perfect drink for white supremacists.”

The National Dairy Council tells AgDay TV: We believe food should bring people together vs. being used to create division. Anything else does not align with who we are or the great-tasting dairy foods we proudly produce and that many people enjoy every day.

**Improving animal welfare AND employee safety is the top goals driving the creation of the industry’s first robotic cattle mover.

Cargill says the robots are designed to move cattle from holding pens to the harvest area at processing plants, reducing stress to the animals.

According to agweb.com, employees operate the robots with automated arms, blowers and audio recordings from a catwalk above the holding pens which improves worker safety.


**Republican Senator Chuck Grassley says the EPA must act quickly to allow year-round sales of higher ethanol gasoline blends if President Trump aims to keep a campaign promise to corn farmers.

Trump announced his intentions in Iowa this month to lift the summertime ban on sales of E15 gas to help corn growers stung by slumping prices.

EPA hopes to wrap up deliberations by May.


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