Do you speak a language other than English? A new study has been released showing the three most popular languages you need to learn and use in Washington State. Officials with Writing Tips says Spanish is the most popular and useful language to learn in the state and it takes the lead on a national level as well followed by Korean and Japanese.

A lot of people are searching for information about learning Spanish

The experts at say they looked at the number of Google searches every month in the state for learning a language and found a majority of people in the state want to learn how to speak Spanish. The language is spoken by about 534 million people along with being the official language in 21 countries. The experts say nearly 13% of Americans speak Spanish on a daily basis.

How about Korean or Japanese?

In 2nd place is Korean. It's ranked as the 13th most "commonly spoken language in the world, Korean has around 77 million speakers. With the Korean pop music gaining millions of U.S fans in recent years, including musicians like famous boy band BTS, it’s no surprise that Americans are keen to learn the language."
Korean is followed in a close 3rd place with Japanese. It's the 9th most spoken language in the world.

If you speak Spanish you're using the most popular language in the valley

Officials at Writing Tips say "Spanish takes the crown for the most popular language to learn across the U.S with a staggering total of 476,900 average monthly searches, as well as taking the top spot in each and every state. In second place is Korean with 44,090 Google searches, followed closely by Japanese in the third spot with a total monthly search volume of 40,260. "

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