Big changes are being made at Yakima's Franklin Park including an expansion of the parking lot. Yakima Parks and Recreation Manager Ken Wilkenson says crews removed large concrete islands and old trees this week to make room for 30 more parking spaces adding to the more than 70 spaces now available. The parking lot expansion is part of an ongoing project at the park.

Yakima Rotary Clubs have installed a new playground at the park and a new pavillion is under construction. Wilkenson says the parking lot expansion is being completed to accomodate more people who are expected to be at the park this year.

He says when the parking lot work is completed it'll "look similar to what it looked like before. We'll put in some new trees other landscaping." Wilkenson adds "This year thousands are expected to attend concerts in the park, the Folklife Festival and high school cross country events among many other activities" and he says the new parking spaces will take some pressure off surrounding neighborhoods that are impacted when events happen at the park.