This guy on REDDIT (r/Yakima) has been given the false mpression that Yakima is a dumpster fire to live in so I have come up with several reasons why that is not true!

I Heart Yakima

There is a whole lot to love about Yakima. If you don't believe me, check out this website dedicated to nothing but Yakima love. We even have a bajillion selfie walls where locals and tourists can stop by and show some Yakima pride!

Yakima Covid Statistics

There has been and still is cause for concern during the pandemic about catching the coronavirus whilst you're out and about in Yakima. BUT...Cautions should be taken everywhere though! Make sure you do all you can to protect yourself from getting COVID-19, like wearing one of the free N95 face masks you can start getting for free at local retail pharmacies and continuing to social distance when attending local events and when you're out shopping and sightseeing.

Yakima Crime Stats (Comparison)

MEH. Compared to other cities in WAshington state, Yakima is not that bad. You can review crime stats here but check out other cities that are considered worse off than Yakima.

Okay, so maybe we've had a jailbreak escape or two (or three) that made national news, but what minor-major city hasn't?

Things to Do in Yakima

Check this list here for some fun things to do in Yakima! So many things I don't have time to list them all.

Notable Yakima Restaurants

Read these articles to find out where are some of the best restaurants in Yakima. We have some great gastronomical delights, and yes, I do mean to BRAG.

Yakima Parks

We have some beautiful parks here in Yakima, like Randall Park and Franklin Park. There is even a splash pad at MLK Park. Most of the Yakima area parks have had their playgrounds recently revamped for the kids, thanks to local community volunteer organizations like the Kiwanis Club and Rotary Clubs.

Yakima Colleges and Trade Schools

Several great options are available in Yakima to get you started on a new career with some higher education and trade schools.

  • Evergreen Beauty College
  • Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center (YV-Tech)
  • Yakima Valley Community College (YVC)
  • Yakima Valley Vintners Teaching Winery
  • Perry Tech
  • Heritage University (Toppenish, but still close by the city of Yakima)
  • Campus Locations for Eastern Washington University (EWU) and Central Washington University (CWU)
  • Charter College (online degrees)

Yakima Breweries, Wineries, and Distilleries

There are so many wonderful places to sample wine, spirits, and beer. Too many to name here so check out this list from the Yakima Visitors Center.

Notable Recent Yakima Celebrities

Without some of these celebs who either were born in Yakima or grew up here, the whole world would be a much different place! Take that, REDDIT!

Oleta Adams: Singer

Kyle MacLachlan: Actor, Winery Owner

Matthew Law: Actor, Director, Producer, Editor, and Cinematographer

Taylor Stubblefeld: NFL player, Offensive Recruiting Coordinator at Penn State University

Isaiah Garza: Jewelry Designer, Activist

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Dan Doornick: NFL player

Cooper Kupp: NFL player

Phil Mahre: Olympian

Robert A. Guthrie: Actor

Colleen Atwood: Costume Designer

Sam Kinison: Comedian

Raychel Roll: Makeup Artist, TikTok Influencer

Jessica Wings: Entertainer, TikTok Influencer

King Liang: YouTube star

Other Notable Celebrity Connections to Yakima

Throughout the course of my radio job, I have been lucky to have become acquaintences and friends with some folks who, in their respective television and journalism careers, made a pit stop by working in Yakima before they "hit the big time"!

Karma Dickerson: Fox40 News in Sacramento, CA

Brianna Keilar: Co-Anchor/Co-Host of "New Day" on CNN

Anish Shroff: Play-by-Play Announcer and On Air Host at ESPN

Kim Nowacki: Creator of The Scene at Yakima Herald; currently the Senior Social Media Lead, Producer, and Videographer at WNYC Radio

Andrea Fujii: News Reporter for ABC News

Lindsay Watts: News Reporter for Fox5 in Washington, D.C.

Lindsay France: Former News Report for RT News in Russia and D.C.

Whit Johnson: Good Morning America


So now you have a few great reasons why Yakima is NOT a 'dumpster fire', so run and tell THAT to your friends on Reddit. :-D


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