Nestled between Tieton and W MacLaren St in Yakima if your family is searching for a forever home. This spot not only features a backyard pond, and spacious living spaces but it's also within walking distance of Franklin Park!

Beautiful 4 Bedroom and 2 Bath 1934 Built Home for Sale in Yakima

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I love searching through the homes for sale and imagining what I would put where! The favorite I share with you and this home located at 610 S 18th Ave home in Yakima is an upgraded version of the home I spent my teenage years. With open spaces, hardwood floors, unique molding, and a spacious backyard, this spot would be perfect to raise the family and create a home base for years to come!

Features According to

This 6,534 square foot lot includes a fireplace in the living room with an open concept that flows into a formal dining room that then leads right into the open kitchen. Bedrooms and bathrooms on multiple levels and a wonderful fenced backyard including a large very nice garden shed, patio, plants, and water features. The below gallery has me imagining the most relaxing evenings surrounded by the glow of garden lighting and twinkling starlight!

A walk from Franklin Park means SO many opportunities for fun for the entire family! The Yakima Museum, tennis, basketball, art, and music in the park, volleyball, reading, or a picnic lunch on the grass. We should be living it up and wishing the best for everyone and it's my hope the family that needs it most will be able to own it.

Could This Be Your Dream Home?

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