Fellas, remember when you could go to the spa and pick up a gift certificate for the lady in your life and it would be a secret and a surprise?  That was then, chances are now that you just might run into her there as she is picking up a gift certificate for you!

Spa visits are a big bucks business bringing in a record $18.3 billion in 2018 in the United States, according to the International Spa Association. The group notes that they're also seeing a lot more men going to spas.

In the NY Post, Garrett Mersberger, the association's board chairman says, " [...] It used to always be a female-driven thing. We're now seeing 50-50, if not swinging more toward the males."

The trend has been brewing for a decade or more.  The association reported in 2007 that 49 percent of spa customers were men, up from 29 percent in 2005.

Association research also shows that with men, spa visits are more about health than beauty with health minded men saying it's an actual lifestyle choice with benefits to body and wellness.

How about you?  Have you or the man in your life been to a local spa?  Which local spa might you recommend?

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