Washington State has been around since 1889 and in that time they've put plenty of laws in effect. Some of these laws make sense and helped build our state into what it is today. However, some of the laws still in effect are outrageous or even idiotic.

They're laws nonetheless, so we'll take a look at the laws Washington wants you to forget to exist. Even though some of these laws are still in effect they don't actually enforce them. So let's dive in and check out these weird laws.

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5.) It's Illegal to Pretend your Parents are Rich

If you walk around and tell your friends your parents have the money you're technically breaking the law, cuz we all know you're lying. Jokes aside back in the day it was a big no-no to try and use your parent's wealth or say your parents were rich to get something you wanted and never pay for it. It was such a problem that they put a law in effect to stop it from happening.

4.) It's Illegal to Destroy another Persons' Beer Without Written Consent 

Ever have your beer knocked over at a party or at a bar, technically if anyone has "destroyed" your beer they were destroying your property and you could call the cops on them. In today's time, I'm pretty sure the cops would tell you to buy a new one and stop calling.

3.) You can't Buy Meat on Sunday

Sunday was a day of rest and worship, in a last-ditch effort to make people stay home they made it so grocery shopping was pointless if you couldn't buy meat on Sunday you would have to do it the day before.

2.) You can't Sleep in an Outhouse Without Permission

Sometime before indoor plumbing was a thing people were apparently taking a siesta in others' outhouses. So much so that people were going to take care of business in the morning only to find a neighbor or random person sleeping in their outhouse. Washington State put the law in effect to combat the situation but wanted to make sure if a guest wanted to sleep in an outhouse they had the right to do so with permission.

1.) It's Illegal to Harass Bigfoot

If you ever come across bigfoot in the wild it's expected to take a blurry photo or video as many have before you, however, if you start harassing bigfoot or even try to hunt them you'll be put in jail. So remember to be friendly if you ever spot the mythical creature in Washington woods.

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