A sergeant with the Yakima Police Department (YPD) is no longer on the force after being the subject of repeated internal investigations. Erik Hildebrand resigned from YPD on May 18, stepping down before the city decided on any punishment for their latest investigation. Our news partner KIMA Action News reports Erik Hildebrand's resignation ends his more than 15-year career with the Yakima Police Department.

The city opened two internal investigations into his behavior earlier this year. City spokesman Randy Beehler says seven earlier investigations looked into Hildebrand's actions over a decade. They covered allegations that he improperly tased an inmate to having sex with a woman in custody. Last year, investigators checked a complaint that Hildebrand took an 18-year-old girl to a hotel room. That was never proven. Investigators found Hildebrand broke rules in four of the seven investigations. The Yakima Police Union calls his actions troubling.

For now, Hildebrand still has his credentials that could give him a chance to be hired in another city. It will be up to the state to decide if he keeps his credentials.

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