Police arrested Michelle Wanick, a nurse at the Yakima County Jail, on April 20, after investigators found more that 100 marijuana plants in her home in the 1,600 block of  South 14th Avenue.

The raid stems from an incident where Wanick's nine-year-old daughter was allegedly hospitalized after accidentally eating a brownie laced with marijuana.

According to court documents, Warnick's daughter ate the brownie and went to sleep. She woke up feeling dizzy and her heart was pounding.

Warnick said she was a legal medical marijuana provider. Her boyfriend, Bradley Marvin, was also arrested.

According to the affidavit, sheriff's deputies and agents with the Yakima Drug Enforcement Administration also seized baggies of marijuana and steroids from the home. Both Warnick and Marvin are being held pending a hearing on April 25.

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