We often wonder why serial killers do what they do. Why do they kill people? Is it mental illness? Is it anger management issues? Were the killings for revenge or an impersonal killing?

One of the most notorious serial killers in Oregon history just admitted he is responsible for killing another victim, having brought his total from 7 to 8 victims.


Serial killers often have complex motivations for their crimes, and these can vary greatly between individuals. However, some common factors include:

  1. Psychological Gratification: Many serial killers derive a sense of power, control, or sexual gratification from the act of killing. This is often tied to deep-seated psychological issues.
  2. Mental Illness: Certain mental illnesses, such as antisocial personality disorder or psychopathy, can be a factor. These conditions can impair empathy and moral judgment, leading to violent behavior.
  3. Childhood Trauma: A history of childhood abuse or trauma is common among serial killers. Such experiences can contribute to emotional and psychological damage, which can manifest in violent ways in adulthood.
  4. Fantasies: Serial killers often have violent fantasies that they feel compelled to act out. These fantasies can become more elaborate and intense over time.
  5. Need for Dominance: Some are driven by a need to exert power and control over others, which can be achieved through the ultimate act of violence – taking a life.
  6. Social and Environmental Factors: Factors such as social isolation, lack of support networks, and exposure to violence can also contribute.

It’s important to note that not all people with these characteristics or histories become serial killers; these are just some factors that can play a role in the development of a serial killer. The psychology behind such behavior is complex and still a topic of ongoing research.


How these notorious Oregon serial killers were caught varies with each of their grisly stories. One was arrested after being caught with marked money from one of the female undercover officers who posed as decoys. Another confessed his crimes after being presented by evidence collected from his home and garage which was also one of the crime scenes.

While many of these savages maintain innocence, some seem to enjoy the notoriety it brings. One of these top 5 killers confessed to his brother. One was caught as the result of a brave victim who narrowly escaped and went to the police. Even a simple traffic stop was how one of these most prolific murderers was eventually brought to justice.

Let’s take a look at five of Oregon’s most notorious serial killers.

Top 5 Most Notoriously Famous Serial Killers From Oregon



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