The National Football League may wait until after the Super Bowl to fine the Seahawks' running back for wearing "unauthorized apparel" at Super Bowl Media Day .ESPN reports the NFL may Lynch for his appearance at Super Bowl Media Day on Tuesday — not for repeating “I’m just here so I don’t get fined” for five minutes, but for wearing his own Beast Mode gear.

ESPN's Adam Schefter and Darren Rovell reported:


 Sources tell ESPN that, after the Super Bowl, the league will review whether the hat Lynch wore during the event was permissible. If the league rules that Lynch used Media Day to promote a brand that was not approved by the league, he could face a significant fine. NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy declined to comment.


The NFL makes clear to players that they cannot wear brands that conflict with league partners on the field during games and during postgame interviews. That is extended to Super Bowl Media Day, where a record amount of cameras are on the players.


Lynch wore both a hat and sunglasses that are available on his website, He wore the apparel for about four and a half minutes, just under the time where he would not draw a fine from the NFL for not fulfilling his media availability.

Lynch did however open up and even sing with Entertainment Tonight's (and former Destiny's Child member) Michelle Williams.