The Yakima Police Department now has a new pool of people to recruit future police officers. Spokesman Mike Bastinelli says a new state law now allows the department to hire lawful permanent residents who can read and write the English language. Bastinelli says it'll benefit law enforcement agencies in Yakima and across the State. "Right now if you're a lawful permanent resident you can serve in the military so it's the position of the police department those people should be able to serve the Yakima Police Department or any other law enforcement agency."
Bastinelli says a woman from Thailand who was recently in a community academy at the police department indicated she was a legal resident and wanted to become an officer but had to wait until the law took effect this month to apply.
If you are 21 years old and are a citizen or a permanent resident you can apply to become an officer. Contact police today at 575-6200.

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