The list of roads that will close overnight during the week of repaving has approximately doubled since the previous week, according to city of Yakima.

Lane closures are also planned on the following roads between 6 a.m. and 4 p.m.:

  • 40th Avenue between Fruitvale Boulevard and River Road
  • 24th Avenue between Washington Avenue and Nob Hill Boulevard
  • Yakima Avenue between 12th Avenue and 16th Avenue
  • Tieton Drive between 16th Avenue and 32nd Avenue

Viola Avenue will also be closed during the day on June 23 and 24 between 14th Avenue and 16th Avenue.

Overnight closures will take place between 7 p.m. and 6 a.m. at the following roads on the listed days:

  • 40th Avenue between River Road and Englewood Avenue – June 23rd
  • 40th Avenue between Englewood and Summitview Avenue – June 24th
  • 40th Avenue between Fruitvale and Summitview – June 25th and June 26th
  • Lincoln Avenue between 24th and 32nd – June 26th and June 27th
  • 24th Avenue between Washington and Nob Hill – June 25th and June 26th
  • Tieton between 16th and 32nd – June 23rd through June 25th
  • Summitview between Yakima and 16th – June 25th and June 26th
  • West MLK, Jr. Boulevard between 1st Avenue and Pierce Avenue – June 23rd and June 24th
  • Pierce between Summitview and Lincoln – June 23rd and June 25th
  • Walnut Avenue between First Street and 7th Avenue – June 23rd through June 26th
  • D Street between First Avenue and Fifth Avenue – June 23rd
  • East MLK, Jr. Boulevard between First Street and Eighth Street – June 24th
  • East Lincoln Avenue between First Street and 10th Street – June 25th
  • North 6th Avenue between Yakima Avenue and H Street – June 26th