The U.S. Wheat Associates Board of Directors announced Monday they have chosen Vince Peterson, the head of the group’s overseas operations, to be the next USW president. They have been looking for months for a new president, ever since Alan Tracy announced in June his plans to retire. Tracy, who has led USW for 20 years, will step down as president in June next year.

AgriPulse reports that The National Cattlemen's Beef Association and the Public Lands Council are criticizing the Obama administration for the way it's handling the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Damage to private land and private property is increasing on land in Sioux and Morton counties in North Dakota, near the pipeline protests, sadly this has including incidents of, buffalo, cattle and horses being mutilated and killed. Some shot with arrows and allowed to suffer. Both NCBA and the Land Council blame the Obama administration of being negligent and are calling for the restoration of law and order.

From the Washington Examiner, Illegal’s make up 5% of workforce, but take 26% farm, 15% construction jobs.


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