**Farmers relying on water supplies from the federal Klamath Water Project say they’re trying to finish harvest before their water supply is cut off.

Seus Farms owner Scott Seus says growers face water shortages again this season, despite a plentiful water year.

That’s because the Klamath Water Users Association had expected a water delivery of 285,000 acre-feet this year, but instead got just 215,000, vastly improved over last year’s 50,000 acre-feet.

Farming Wheat
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**As wheat harvest draws to an end, farmers brace for a potential threat to their crop that costs tens of millions of dollars each year.

High levels of alpha-amylase protein in wheat can lead to a low falling number score, that determines the quality and price of wheat.

The Foundation for Food & Ag Research is awarding a $835,000 Seeding Solutions grant to Washington State University to develop a faster, cheaper and more accurate testing.

Farmers, Ranchers Struggle As Texas Endures Historic Drought
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**The EPA has rejected two petitions from environmental groups calling for stronger Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO regulations.

Instead, the agency says it will conduct a "comprehensive evaluation" to determine if any changes are needed.

The National Cattlemen's Beef Association issued a statement thanking EPA for supporting farmers and ranchers.

Critics have long contended that lax farm runoff regulations have increased water pollution.


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