The Super Bowl or "Big Game" (as the NFL wants us to call it when it suits them best) is full of kinds of commercial craziness.  The fans go nuts, the commercials get scrutinized the musical guest stars get criticized and scrutinized while sports betting and office pools engage millions and millions of dollars.  It's a marketer's madhouse and oh yah, they even play a football game..

Here's a couple of big game commercial connections you need to know.  Pizza and pop.

I'll explain.

Fox News is reporting that Pizza Hut, as the official pizza of the Super Bowl this year,is for a limited time changing their name to "Pizza Hut Hut."

This of course comes from a phrase many football players yell on the field'-- "Hut hut hike!" Pizza Hut made the change on their website and USA Today reports a location in Atlanta, where the Super Bowl is being played, will temporarily change its signage to reflect the new name.

The chain, which took over as the official pizza of the NFL after Papa John’s ended its deal, is expecting to sell more than 2 million pizzas during the Super Bowl on February 3rd.

Now you are going to need something to wash down all that zaw, but if beer is not your thing, (who ARE you?)  then Pepsi might have what you're looking for.

Nitro soda is coming. According to , Pepsi confirmed the development of Nitro Pepsi late last week, and says the product features a "velvety, cascading foam" that will come in two flavors: signature cola and vanilla. The company is calling this the first-ever nitrogen-infused soft drink.

Delish reports the drink is meant to be consumed cold, without ice, in a glass, without a straw. Food & Wine reports if you drink it this way it will taste like "drinking a Pepsi float, but without any ice cream involved." There is no official release date for the drink, but Pepsi execs confirmed they will be sampling it at this year's Super Bowl in Atlanta.

Tom Brady, you've just won a record setting 6th Super Bowl, what are you doing next?

I'm taking Giselle and the kids to Disneyland..BUT FIRST..we plan to try Pepsi Nitro!

Could happen.

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