A  personally biased, totally unscientific look at Easter Candy!

Easter is the highlight of my candy year!  Halloween has candy, Christmas has candy, and Valentine's Day has candy.  But, for some reason, Easter has all of my favorites!

#5.... Brown and Haley Mountain Bars


Mountain Bars are a Northwest tradition. Creamy and chocolatey at the same time, they are fantastic! They were always in our Easter baskets as kids.

#4.... The Chocolate Bunny

chocolate bunny

I'm getting a bit snobbish as I get older, now preferring the "premium chocolate'  bunny, as opposed to the "chocolate flavored" bunny that we used to scarf down. I still like the ones with candy eyes for that touch of crunch. Go for the ears first!

#2.... The Sugar Panoramic Egg

panoramic egg

Warning! Warning! Don't make the same mistake I did when I was 11 and try to eat one of these! It is SOLID SUGAR! It's totally just  for looking at and into.  Sick doesn't describe what happened to me! 

#2....Pastel M & Ms

easter m m

Now we're talkin! Just good old M & Ms goodness in Easter Pastel colors. Somehow, the lighter colored candy shell lets you eat more. I think.

#1....Marsmallow Peeps!


Finally, #1 on my list. Either fresh, soft and gooey, or a little stale stiif and chewy, Peeps are it! No matter what color or shape, this is my favorite Easter candy. What's yours?