How’s this for tying the past to the future. Legends Casino in Toppenish is throwing a free music party this coming weekend with live shows featuring The Pointer Sisters, the Four Tops,  Easton Corbin and Joe Nichols.

Now nobody starts at the top of a music career, in fact a lot of artists have some pretty bad first-job stories to tell. Joe Nichols is one of them, so in honor of this past weekend’s "Labor" Day and next weekend’s free concert, Joe Nichols says his worst job was selling meat door-to-door in Nashville and hated the gig so much he quit after one day.

Other worst first experience according to The Boot on facebook.

KELLIE PICKLER delivered chili cheese fries and chocolate shakes on skates at Sonic.
ERIC CHURCH was a phone operator for the Home Shopping Network on the graveyard shift, but got fired for talking drunken buyers out of impulse purchases.

FAITH HILL and MARTINA MCBRIDE sold tee-shirts on their mentor's tours. Faith hawked tees for REBA McENTIRE, while Martina worked for GARTH BROOKS and eventually nabbed a promotion as his opening act.

STEVE EARLE was a heavily armed car wash attendant. Yep, his boss gave him a .25 automatic to carry because it was in the 1970's when there was a severe gas shortage.

REBA MCENTIRE was raised as a serious cowgirl that helped her father (ahem) turn bulls into steer.

TRACE ADKINS worked in the oil fields where he got marooned offshore thanks to a hurricane.
DIERKS BENTLEY cleaned the toilets of houseboats when they'd return from a weeklong trip

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