OK, have the kids leave the room for this one because it’s about the impact of s-e-x.  I’m always amazed at what gets studied in the world of science but then  I’m no scientist, so here we go.  Researchers from the University of Toronto found more than 100 Swiss couples to keep a diary about sex.  ( Dear Diary-nope, maybe tomorrow?)

What the scientists were hoping to discover was the actual value of a healthy sex life.   So what they found was the more sex a couple had over a ten-day period, the higher the relationship satisfaction.  So far we don’t need a study for that, right?  But wait!  The stress relief and happiness boost of once a week sex, as opposed to once a month sex, was then somehow determined to be the equivalent of earning an additional $50,000 per year in pay!  Fifty Grand!

Keep in mind the participants self-reported their emotions and the study was documented in Men’s Health magazine, but that bit of potential male bias aside, the study reinforces that sex and cuddling are healthy for you.

Conclusion- If the boss won't give you a raise, talk to the other boss!  (Men’s Health)

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