Monsanto is apparently considering another attempt to acquire Syngenta. Reports say Monsanto is discussing internally the merits of making an offer. In August, Monsanto withdrew a $46.6 billion proposed takeover after Syngenta opposed the deal. Meanwhile, Syngenta is in talks to be acquired by ChemChina, which proposed a $42 billion all-cash offer reported last week..

A coalition of countries including Brazil and the European Union wants the World Trade Organization to end agricultural export subsidies at a meeting next month. The December ministerial meeting is at risk of having little to offer regarding major trade agreements, and the proposal's backers hope the WTO's 161 members will see it as a chance to chalk up a negotiating victory. The proposal would ban subsidies within 11 years. It would also introduce new rules and transparency requirements for state trading enterprises, non-emergency food aid, and export credits, guarantees and insurance.