**Trade Representative Katherine Tai will deliver a speech at the World Trade Organization today at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.

Ambassador Tai will underscore the importance of reform at the WTO to make it a more effective, responsive, and inclusive forum for solving today's global challenges.

She will also highlight areas of reform that are a priority to the U.S., and how we are engaging with other WTO Members to advance these priorities.

California Agriculture Faces Challenges As Drought Continues
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**U.S. Hard Red Winter Wheat exports are forecast down 10 million bushels this month to 155 million, the lowest since records began in 1973-74.

HRW supplies have seen a long-term downturn in U.S. acreage as corn and soybeans gained acres.

Historically, HRW was the leading class of American exports, but this year it’s forecast to be the third-largest class, behind both Hard Red Spring and White Wheat.

U.S. Cattle Ranchers Trim Herds Amid Drought And Rising Costs
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**The National Association of State Departments of Agriculture set policy priorities for the upcoming year during its annual meeting.

NASDA will advocate to give the USDA more authority to be flexible in serving farmers and ranchers who often face challenges in seeking disaster assistance.

NASDA also adopted a new policy of supporting laws protecting agricultural and forestry operations from nuisance lawsuits.

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